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See what others have to say about the life changing experience of  peace, healing and meditation, light language channelling, intuitive guidance from host June Laffey and so much more at Topi Topi spiritual retreat.

our experiences

Sue Hollis
Founder of Travel Edge



This is how Sue describes her three days at Topi Topi Retreat.


She was June’s first one on one client, and is proof that this incredible spiritual retreat, with June’s intuitive guidance, has the power to change lives. 


Mel Harque

Founder of Wild Dough

June helped me realise what my heart truly wants to do, and not just what the obvious answer was that my brain kept telling me.


June’s gift is truly incredible. I have witnessed her channel for others as well as myself and the breadth of what she can do is truly something.

She shared some phenomenal things about myself, my now, my children and my past lives and also shifted an energy blockage I had.  When she shifted this energy, I felt it, this was the most incredible thing to me as here I was on facetime, far from June’s physical location and yet I physically felt her shift my energy blockage.

Ashari Hudson.jpeg

Ashari Hudson

Yoga Teacher

What a truly unique and life changing experience I had at June's Topi Topi Retreat.  The location is energetically rich as well as beautiful.  The food was exquisite and nourishing.

Angela Raspass.jpeg

Angela Raspass

Founder of Next Chapter and Self Worth Educator

June is a phenomenal woman who arrived as a client and became a wonderful friend.


She has depths to her that will delight you and bring to you a feeling of recognition and relief that you have finally found what you have been missing.

I work with women who are looking to find their next chapter. When I met June, the answer was clear. Topi Topi Retreat is her soul’s calling.


And having now visited and experienced the unique power of the land, I can only say her soul has found its way home.

Jess Karnaghan.jpeg

Jess Karnaghan

Personal development NLP coach and energy healer  

I spent a magical night at Topi Topi Retreat for a women’s circle and a crystal bed healing. The word that sums up the afternoon and night is simply: wow.

You immediately feel a sense of calm wash over you as soon as you arrive at the beautiful location and take in the breathtaking view.  I felt so welcomed by June and absolutely loved the crystal bed!

terri glover.HEIC

Terri Glover

Chiropractor and NET practitioner

Words cannot describe the physical beauty and healing energy of the land, or the incredible gifts June shares with all who visit.


I have been lucky enough to have been invited to Topi Topi retreat many times.  It is a place of serenity, peace and surrender.  And feels like home.


Sitting amongst the powerful trees, or receiving powerful intuitive guidance from the Sistars of the Divine Trinity in the circle, or even just relaxing in a hammock on the veranda – every experience at this magic place is all about self-love.

Tree spirit.jpeg

Dee S

Digital Agency Owner

I am simply amazed by June.  We meet once a week to tap in. Whether she is sitting with her tree spirit using her pure intuition and messages from higher self, or the light tools or pendulum, I have found what she brings forward to be spot on and so helpful in every aspect of my life.

I feel the energy of her land, the healing circle and so much the power of the trees as she channels.

We meet when is mutually convenient over Facetime, and she brings through whatever is showing up, or answers question I have around work, future, my family and even love. She has been so accurate so many times. I value every time we meet. She helps to navigate, like a compass – only guiding – not dictating, and leaving me to choose my own path.

Healing and activation circle at Topi To

Bernie Clubb
Sistar of the Divine Trinity

In this our biggest circle yet, so many beautiful things happened. Even though it was raining all around the circle, the sky above the circle turned blue and it stopped raining at exactly the time we wanted to start the event. 

Multiple rainbows appeared throughout the whole experience, and the orb that had joined with the activated portal could clearly be seen in many photographs on the day. 

Many experienced activations and healings throughout the circle, with all three of us working on separate people at the one time. Oh, and once again June channelled the Dali Lama will be coming to Topi Topi Retreat. He has already dreamed of it, and will be here. Let's see what unfolds. 

STAIN testimonial.jpeg

Johanna Clark 

Founder of Pink Nade Jewellery

I physically felt June unblock my charkras, which enabled me to gain clarity and be far more present than I had been for many years. 


After June channelled for me,  I woke up with a rainbow-like stain on my sheet, my pillowcase and my PJs.  My logical brain still can’t comprehend this, but my heart is telling me that it was a sign, that things were clearing and healing.

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