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Spiritual connection
Leadership Mentoring
Whatever you need, I can help

Crystal Bed
Crystal Bed.jpeg

Crystal Bed & Psychic Channelling. 90 mins, $200

Individualised channelling session with crystal bed at Topi Topi Retreat. 

Individual Channelling
Individual Channelling.jpeg

Remote Psychic Guidance. 
60 mins, $200

Channelled guidance for clarity, direction and your own healing for those who cannot get to Topi Topi Retreat.

1 day 1 on 1 Retreat
1 day retreat.HEIC

1-day retreat

Crystal Bed, Channelling psychic insights, Infra-red Sauna, Lunch and a day for you at Topi Topi Retreat.

Recharge, recover. renew.

Individual $300pp

Groups of 3 to 6 $250pp

Deep Dive

Remote 6 week Deep Dive. $2,250

Individualised and tailored focus and support in 6 x 60-90 minute sessions, calling on my channelled psychic guidance and international leadership experience. Highly recommended for deeper work if you cannot physically be here.

4-day, one-on-one retreat. $4,950

Intense in-person, individualised focus and support.


Starting from 4 days and 3 nights. Additional days can be arranged.

4 day 1 on 1 Retreat
Group Retreat

3-day group retreat from $1,450 pp

Intense in-person, community focus and support. Come with friends. Maximum number is 4.

Couples Retreat
Couples retreat.HEIC

3-day couples retreat from $1,950 pp

Focus on each individual and the energy of the couple

Healing Circle Activation

Healing Circle & Lunch. $40

 High vibration, with channelling of psychic messages, light language, song, activations and energy work, each person receives what they are ready for. Circles include herbal tea and lunch. Watch social media FB

& IG here for details of the next circle. 


Creative Mentorship  For U Now

Leadership can be FUN.

Individualised mentoring for creative leaders, future creative leaders and business leaders. Packages vary depending on needs. Working with building confidence, leadership skills, teams and business as well as resolving interpersonal conflict, problem solving, intuition and creativity,  judging/elevating work and more. Some content can be tailored to groups.

Creative Mentor


Dee S

Digital Agency Owner

I am simply amazed by June.  We meet once a week to tap in. Whether she is sitting with her tree spirit using her pure intuition and messages from higher self, or the light tools or pendulum, I have found what she brings forward to be spot on and so helpful in every aspect of my life.

I feel the energy of her land, the healing circle and so much the power of the trees as she channels.

We meet when is mutually convenient over Facetime, and she brings through whatever is showing up, or answers question I have around work, future, my family and even love. She has been so accurate so many times. I value every time we meet. She helps to navigate, like a compass – only guiding – not dictating, and leaving me to choose my own path.

Tree spirit.jpeg
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