I can help you access your TRUTH,

so you can trust what you already know to be true


On retreats, I work with the healing energy and high vibration of the land, along with the two other Sistars of the Divine Trinity, who will be there either in person or remotely.


Cath, Bernie and I were each told separately that we would come together to do this work, even before we ever met. Together, working through the Academy of Light information that was channelled by me, an activation can take place, which will help you to master your soul purpose.


Each retreat will include a crystal from the Casa Dom Inacia in Brazil and either i ENT with a very gifted chiropractor or energy massage to clear energetic blocks in the body with an incredible light worker. 


Circles are priced to reserve your place, then donations of the heart can be given on the day. The donations will be used for improvements to the retreat, including an indigenous garden and meditation hut. 

Are you ready to stop just doing and start being all you can be?

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Academy of Light
4-day, one-on-one retreat

Intense in-person, individualised focus and support.


Starting from 4 days and 3 nights. Additional days can be arranged.

Price from $5,950


Academy of Light 4-day group retreat

Intense in-person, community focus and support.


Starting from 4 days and 3 nights. Come with friends or I can curate a group.  Maximum number is 4.

Price from $3,450


Healing Circle Activation

Raising vibration and connecting with the energy all that can be. 

Join others….at Topi Topi retreat.

Circles at noon the 3rd Sunday of every month.  Register here.  Numbers strictly limited.

Registration price $10

Crystal Bed.jpeg

Crystal Bed Treatment at Topi Topi retreat

Individualised channelling session with crystal bed at Topi Topi Retreat. 

Price from $200 for 60 mins

denise - for the main crystal bed pic wi

Crystal Bed Treatment at Forster Yoga Studio

Crystal Bed session with Channelling at Forster Yoga Studio

Price from $80 for 30 mins

Individual Channelling.jpeg

Individualised channelling session for inner guidance and healing

Price from $200 for 60 mins


Creative Mentorship

Individualised mentoring for creative leaders, future creative leaders, advertising agency leaders and agency clients

Price from $250 per hour



8-week Deep Dive

Individualised and tailored focus and support

Price from $1,950


Dee S

Digital Agency Owner

I am simply amazed by June.  We meet once a week to tap in. Whether she is sitting with her tree spirit using her pure intuition and messages from higher self, or the light tools or pendulum, I have found what she brings forward to be spot on and so helpful in every aspect of my life.

I feel the energy of her land, the healing circle and so much the power of the trees as she channels.

We meet when is mutually convenient over Facetime, and she brings through whatever is showing up, or answers question I have around work, future, my family and even love. She has been so accurate so many times. I value every time we meet. She helps to navigate, like a compass – only guiding – not dictating, and leaving me to choose my own path.

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