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Three hours north of Sydney,

a million stars away from the daily grind

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"Stand on the ridge and engage your senses.  Take in the lush green valley, the peace of calm waters, the warmth of the sun and the smell of fresh air filling your being.  Know you have arrived at the heart and the sacred land of Topi Topi retreat.

Let the magic of the land, a jewel of Gaia, heal your soul in every song the birds sing and every whisper the breeze brings.  In all that is encountered healing takes place.

Watch golden finches dance, king parrots play, and eagles soar against the landscape, forming a double rainbow with the majestic eucalypts, red cedars and ginkgo trees, the true guardians of the land.  Let the mysteries of your mind unfold to see the infinite possibilities as clear as the salt on the sea breeze. 

As you find the rhythm of this serenity, let your soul engage the earth mother’s embrace, like the warmth of a hug.  Discover the incredible power of the healing circle and the crystal healing house as you surrender to all that can be.  You are standing in a true oasis held by nature’s sacredness, a heaven on earth. 


Welcome to Topi Topi retreat."

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High on a ridge, overlooking a majesty of rolling hills, calm waters and beautiful mountains, discover the magic that is Topi Topi retreat. 


Set on five sacred acres of the Worimi people, down a meandering dirt road, this is a haven where you can come home to you.

It’s no mistake that Topi Topi means “stay awhile” because once you arrive, that is exactly what you will want to do.”


As you lay in a hammock on the veranda, drinking in the view, relax as the lorikeets chatter and the kookaburras laugh.


Enjoy eggs collected from the chooks for breakfast and local farm grown veggies through your stay.


At night, snuggle by the massive indoor fire, or catch a star as it shoots beyond the glimmering milky way.  

Rustic and comforting, my home puts the home in homely.


With 3 double bedrooms and 2 cosy lofts, a large lounge dining area and super-high ceilings, the house offers plenty of space to relax and just be.


From the front veranda, a stand of eucalypt and red cedars gather, their roots reaching to the large healing circle below.


With an activated portal and insane energy, this is the centre of ceremony where activations and healings are commonplace.


Radiating high vibrational energy, it’s the perfect spot for meditation, contemplation and inner elation.


Your retreat will culminate in work in the circle working with the energies of the Sisters of the Divine Trinity.


Screened by a row of native trees to the side of the house, sits the beautifully hand-crafted crystal light healing house.


Inside is a crystal light bed from the Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola, Abadiania, Brazil.


A powerful healing modality, it is designed to clear heal and rebalance each of the seven chakras, leading to deep healing on all levels: physical emotional and spiritual.


Sometimes called advanced chromotherapy treatment, it uses coloured light beams focused on your chakras (or energy centres) through seven very pure quartz crystals, each precisely cut to a specific frequency.


You just lie on the bed, set your intention as I call in your guides to work with you.  


People feel everything from feeling of deep peace and relaxation, to release of personal issues and memories to newfound insights and calm.

When you join me on a retreat, you will receive a session each day if you so choose.

It’s not just Topi Topi retreat itself that will leave you soothed by nature.


Less than thirty minutes away are some of the world’s most beautiful unspoilt beaches. Elizabeth, Blueys, Boomerang, Seal Rocks, and of course the incredible indigenous energy of the stunning Cellito beach, which we will be sure to visit.


There are also some magnificent places to explore. Booti Booti national park, Cape Hawke and Whoota Whoota lookout, Wallis and Smiths Lake and the Green Cathedral to name but a few.


There’s even an easy bushwalk just at the end of the street.


Chances are you will want to extend your stay. I go with the flow. Just ask.

Topi Topi Retreat with the healing circle and healing house is available for hire for small groups.

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Jess Karnaghan

Personal development NLP coach and energy healer  

I spent a magical night at Topi Topi Retreat for a women’s circle and a crystal bed healing. The word that sums up the afternoon and night is simply: wow.

You immediately feel a sense of calm wash over you as soon as you arrive at the beautiful location and take in the breathtaking view.  I felt so welcomed by June and absolutely loved the crystal bed!

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Ashari Hudson

Yoga Teacher

What a truly unique and life changing experience I had at June's Topi Topi Retreat.  The location is energetically rich as well as beautiful.  The food was exquisite and nourishing.

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