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I'm June, your guide and access point to the magical energy of Topi Topi Spiritual Retreat.

Just three hours north of Sydney, Topi Topi retreat is set on sacred land of the Worimi people, and is surrounded with some of the most naturally beautiful, unspoilt beaches and national parkland in the world.


I work with the energy of this sacred land, whilst calling on my many spiritual gifts, including channelled light language and song. I am a kundalini reiki master also. This spiritual work is grounded by many years of international, creative leadership experience.


I work with two blood sisters, Bernie and Cath on the land, either in person or remotely. We were brought together to form The Sistars of the Divine Trinity, to help raise the vibration, hold the vibration and help others find their light.


Whilst at Topi Topi, I channelled The Academy of Light handbook, with activation to help you understand where you are at, and also reunite you with your inner knowing and purpose.


A bit more about me

Throughout my significant corporate career, I recognised, shaped and championed both people and ideas.


I’ve now chosen a fresh path, embracing my own truth by bringing clarity and empowerment to a whole new level.  I can connect you with your power within, and help you move from jaded to joy.

If you’re feeling stuck, that feeling is your intuition.  Your inner knowing. It’s energy. The brain or mind can only provide answers based on experience - what it has learnt.  It connects the dots if you like.  Your heart can feel way more than that and help you receive answers and clarity. 


My superpower is uniting your inner knowing with trust and action.  By channelling my guides and tapping into your innate intuition, I can help remove blocks and make energetic shifts so you can access your own creativity and power.  For you this could mean simple sudden clarity where you suddenly know how to make changes that have previously eluded you.  Or a complete shift in your perception of life and what’s most important to you.  You could feel peace, serenity and certainty or energy, vibrancy, and growth.  The results really are different for everyone.

I can give you full access to your truth so you can trust and act upon what you already know to be true.

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Johanna Clark 

Founder of Pink Nade Jewellery

I physically felt June unblock my charkras, which enabled me to gain clarity and be far more present than I had been for many years. 


After June channelled for me,  I woke up with a rainbow-like stain on my sheet, my pillowcase and my PJs.  My logical brain still can’t comprehend this, but my heart is telling me that it was a sign, that things were clearing and healing.

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Angela Raspass

Founder of Next Chapter and Self Worth Educator

June is a phenomenal woman who arrived as a client and became a wonderful friend.


She has depths to her that will delight you and bring to you a feeling of recognition and relief that you have finally found what you have been missing.

I work with women who are looking to find their next chapter. When I met June, the answer was clear. Topi Topi Retreat is her soul’s calling.


And having now visited and experienced the unique power of the land, I can only say her soul has found its way home.