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If you’ve reached this far, you may be wondering what makes somebody who is highly sought after, respected and loved (so I have been told!) working at the top of her industry in New York end up back in semi rural Australia, communicating with light beings and playing with orbs. The answer is simple. When your soul calls, there is no ignoring it. If you do, it will just keep calling until you finally wake up, listen and do something about it. It’s just the same as if you don’t resolve a situation the first time, the universe will keep presenting you with the same situation again and again until you work through it and learn.

I found Topi Topi in 2010. At that point, I had just joined the agency network I was to stay with for the next ten years, and I literally pictured it in my mind, and it appeared. Even down to the wrap around veranda, the chickens in the coop and the incredibly large bathtub, I dreamed it all. And then it was real.

When I brought it, I imagined I would retire here with my then husband. I never envisaged I would be living here with just my puppy, the birds and my dream. But here I am. And I can tell you, as soon as I began to let go of my fear of stepping into something so new, and to many people “woo woo”, the people started to come. Not just people, but friends too. I have built an amazing community in just a few months, and I know there is so much more to come.

The secret to all this in a nutshell is finding your light and holding your light. And that is exactly what I intend to do to help others. In fact, there is even a handbook that I channelled to help with the whole process. It is called the Academy of Light handbook. And I can’t wait to take you through it at Topi Topi Retreat.


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