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5 experience phases of the journey we'll share together

During one-on-one retreats and remote deep dives, I will work with you on whatever comes up that needs attention and resolution. My process is very interactive and covers five steps.  It begins with a feeling, delivered by your intuition and culminates in accessing your pure potential, gifted by your higher self.












ME - I will tap into and connect you with your inner knowing, so you can see where you come from and what you need to unlock and thrive.


YOU - It starts with a feeling, a knowing there is something more, but you just don’t know how to access that knowledge.


ME – Through accessing your higher self, I will bring you the clarity you need to see what needs to be seen.


YOU – You become AWARE of your potential, what is possible and what is holding you back


YOU - When you have listened to your intuition and become aware of what you need, you have a CHOICE.


Do you just carry on your life, for now, knowing what is possible?


Or are you WILLING to work through pain, face any fears and step into a new way of being. Either way, you will feel changed and more in your power.


ME – Everyone needs to unlock in a different way. I can help take away blocks so you can operate in the world in a different, higher vibration and frequency. (Your vibration is your positive energy.) Joy, peace and acceptance is energy that vibrates at a higher level than more negative energies such as anger and pain.

YOU - This is where your work begins!  Buckle up!  There are different levels of healing. Depending on where you are at, you may need just one or all three.


ME – I work with different spiritual and more traditional tools to help you unlock the best of you. It’s Woo-woo-nderful! From the incredible healing energy of Topi Topi retreat, to Crystal Bed Healing to daily rituals, to practical help and exercises to remove blocks, everyone will intuitively receive what they need.


YOU – You just need to be ready for what comes through. You may not understand everything, but you will feel.  And you will feel the difference when you have unlocked all that needs to be shifted to access your pure potential.

Unlock feeling and freedom to thrive


Accepting all of who you are, what’s important to you, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what your core values are, is the first step towards being at peace with self.


Friction comes in with the gap between recognising who you are, and conditioning that makes you think who you should be.


If you are not approving of who you are, you are not in your truth.  Until you accept who you are you cannot move into new possibilities.

Unlock PAIN and find HEALING

Pain can be intergenerational, physical, emotional and spiritual.


Pain needs to be unlocked and dealt with so healing can take place.


I am not a qualified doctor. And if you have physical pain, you should go see one.


But I am a qualified Kundalini Reiki Master, and can work with you, energetically, to help find the energy blocks and the pain so that healing can start to take place.

Unlock LOVE and THRIVE

True love needs to begin with self-love.


That sometimes can be tough. Some religions even teach us that self-love is selfish.


But you have to love yourself before you truly love others.


Love is the opposite of fear.


Transforming negative emotions into positive ones will help you find your self-love and your higher purpose and become a shining light for others.

terri glover.HEIC


Terri Glover
Chiropractor and NET practitioner

Words cannot describe the physical beauty and  healing energy of the land, or the incredible gifts June shares with all who visit.


I have been lucky enough to have been invited to Topi Topi retreat many times.  It is a place of serenity, peace and surrender.  And feels like home.


Sitting amongst the powerful trees, or receiving powerful intuitive guidance from the Sistars of the Divine Trinity in the circle, or even just relaxing in a hammock on the veranda – every experience at this magic place is all about self-love.

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